Show Dont Tell

It’s been almost 15 years that I went to the states and I had never gone back to visit the country. I always look for a new destination then today I realize that I was a bit wrong about it. A year and a half in America shaped me into a new version of vision. And the most important person is my host family. She is a tough one, has a strong personality but fragile inside. Before I met her I never fought with anyone and I never wanted to even to have a conversation but she changed me totally, I then a person who is always ready to fight and know that relationship can’t be ruined easily if you trust each other and strongly have connection.

I love this family

They are my best people that attached to my memory for very long time and distance or time cant delete them from my mind. I keep posting her cards every time I go travel and write her a seasonal greeting message as much as I can. My bad is I have never tried to visit them. This is the hardest situation. I feel bad wen she sent me a message that her partner got cancer three years ago. I have known this for a while and written to give her encouragement and to let them know how much i love and miss them. BUT I never showed up to give them a hug.

Part of my strength are from them I can say it. My parent give me confidence, freedom and love but my beloved host family encourage me to stand out and speak out my mind. I thought before today that I can die and I wont regret anything. But today I know that I would be regret if I don’t visit them as soon as possible. I wasted time and I am selfish. I think I am good at taking care relationship but I am really not.

Words are cheap and action speaks louder. And I am a cheap one, only say that I will go but I never done that. And I cant go back to fix anything, I learned again that DONT WAIT. If you want to let the person know how much you love them, you show you dont only tell.

I write this to myself and to everyone who stops by my site and accidentally read until this line that dont ever keep love to yourself, you let the person know. You show how important the person is. Dont just look for a new thing, if you already have good people in your life. You preserve your relationship, you take care it as good as you can. No need to look for new friends, new places. Go deep not go wide.

Who does play important role in your life? If you can answer this question, kiss them and hug them before it’s late. If they are not here anymore, kiss and hug the person that his name comes across your mind for now. 

Cheers to Long Distance Friendship, it’s the most beautiful relation you can imagine.

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