The Silent Patient

I am a big fan of thriller fiction. But this is my first time reading English version.

I was deciding between The Perfect Wife and The Silent Patient. Finally I chose this one, the silent patient. Great twist and smart plot. Those who love to guess and clean on thriller plot may sense something and try to guess but I think it’s difficult to succeed. For those who just want to enjoy the story will be the happiest ones.


It’s about Alicia, a women who was found out killing her husband and since then she never spoken a word, and Theo, a psychologist who wants to help her talk about what happened. But the story is not only about the killing and healing but it takes us to know about the relationship, secret, people, friends, family and strangers.

How do I like it

I personally am an oriental person. The typical western psychology, talking with psychologist, is not my thing. Anyway I can see and agree that our childhood has some effect on our adulthood. And parent plays role on us more than they never known.

This book made me curious, every chapter, every charactor. I brought this book to the beach on the rainny day so it’s perfect fit to my situation as I didnt want to put it down and I could not go out anyway.

The writer made it so easy to follow his fun writing but suddenly I felt like the truth revealed. I just blinked my eyes then the clot that block me vanished. But after that I needed to go back and re-read some pages again. Then I said to myself, it was there the clue but why I could not see it. I was happy that I was not really trying to guess anything or anyone but hanging and go along with the story so that I can say I enjoyed reading from the first to the last page.

If I have to rate, I give it 4/5. I like it a lot but I don’t give it 5/5 because there are still some points and some characters that I want to know more as were mentioned about and seemed like something still needed to be clarified but they were not.

Book Quote I Like

“Love that doesnt include honesty doesnt deserve to be called love.

Note After Read

I do not only recommend for those who loves thriller fiction but also everyone who is in the relationship.

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