Redemption by David Baldacci

Book Review


This is also not the first book of David Baldacci that I have read. But it’s still the first EN version. I was afraid to read as I am not sure if my language skill is good enough. But my partner encouraged me to do so. And it’s because of the enjoyment that keeps me forget all about language barrier.

Amos Decker has such a character, huge guy with notable abilities. From a football player turned to be a perfect memory FBI Agent. I have read the Memory Man and the Last Mile. And Redemption is in the fifth of Amos Series but it’s not disturbing me even I have not read the 3rd and the 4th book yet.


Amos Decker returned to his hometown for the commemoration of his daughter birthday who died over a decade ago. And at the cemetery, one guy came to see Decker and introduced himself as Meryl Hawkins, the innocent guy that Decker wrongly put into the prison 14 years ago. He is dying and got release because of the cancer. He wanted Decker to prove and clear his name out.

Decker was not sure to believe that he made a mistake. But it brought him to his old colleague, Mary Lancaster. They both back to the old time of working together and everything started when they found Hawkins dead. And the more Decker dig deeper, the more people died.

Even Decker thought to himself that if he ever going to get out ahead of this damm case?

How do I like it

I have so much curiosity reading and felt like myself in the scene of the crime helping them found out what’s going next. And I could not see any hint or how Decker could solve this complicated case. But absolutely with his talent and peerless memory, he be able to find out the truth eventually. Almost 600 pages, I have never felt bored. I kept reading and reading like I was so thirsty. I had no idea what happened but later I understand everything. It’s a small twist that had affected the great whole story.

Along with the case, there are also some kinds of relationship between Decker and his colleagues who later become friends. And also his memory about his family. The book showed us what being FBI feel like also. They are not different from us, have a family, want to be loved, want someone to be beside them. I love Amos Decker series because of these reasons. Thrill, exciting but also emotional along the way. I felt like they were true and real.

Book Quote I Like

“I am not supposed to make a mistake, at least not like that.”

”And here you are trying to make up for it. Doing the best you can. That’s all you can do”

Note After Read

We all are the same, can make a mistake.  What makes us different is how we want to improve or fixt it or not.

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